The alchemy between sound and matter

What if your audio system were also a work of art?

Sonsorielle is where art meets innovative audio

Custom design

An immersive sound experience


Emotion and feeling, drivers of our approach

Hotelier, restaurateur, decider, gallery owner, shopkeeper… naturally you would like to offer your patrons and customers an original experience. An immersive experience. Create a privileged relationship with your visitors: in a carefully designed, welcoming atmosphere, music radiates out from Sonsorielle. Elegantly enhanced by the decoration you have personally chosen, intelligently integrated into your space, it will make every visit to your premises a special experience. We have created Sonsorielle for you, to help you to create your exceptional space.


At last an audio system designed for your eyes

Sonsorielle is designed for companies that fit out tertiary spaces, architects, decorators and audio integrators who are looking for an entirely customisable solution.

Rather than seeking to be inconspicuous, Sonsorielle chooses to be out there, on show, a vital part of your spatial design. A genuine design piece adapted to your decor and emphasising your aesthetic choices!

“Sonsorielle is so much more than a simple audio system: it’s an artwork, an opportunity to make an impact with a synaesthetic experience.”

A picture that you’ll love to listen to

Sonsorielle is a unique solution and a unique experience, poised between high-quality sound system and framed artwork.

Choose the visual you want: it can be a painting, a photograph, a visual of your brand, the possibilities are endless. Once it is on your wall, the sound will fill the space thanks to a unique micro-vibration technology. You’ll be immersed in a sound and visual experience that cannot fail to impress.

Visual pleasure and the love of sound
at the heart of our commitment

Our commitment to quality and ethical imperatives is what lies behind the choices we make at every stage of the design and manufacturing of our products.

  • Noble materials
  • French manufacturing
  • Quality & innovation
  • Know-how

Are you looking for an elegant audio solution for an exceptional place?

Let’s talk about your expectations – we can offer you custom solutions that will blend perfectly into the design of your space.