Opt for a custom-designed audio system

A sound solution for your reception and hospitality areas

The Sonsorielle audio system has been designed to meet the needs of public-access buildings wishing to provide a superior customer, user or staff experience.

  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Relaxation and treatment areas
  • Workspaces
  • Exhibition spaces and sales areas
  • Reception rooms and prestigious residences
  • Institutional facilities

In harmony with you

Sonsorielle is a top-flight audio solution, whose diffusion system is also an artwork. That makes it an ally of choice for sensory marketing!

Sonsorielle is compatible with most of the different audio and amplification systems offered by audio and video integrators. Move from room to room and your music goes with you. With our wireless diffusion system, you can control your playlist effortlessly from your smartphone.

  • Play music from a playlist
  • Install a sound system in your meeting rooms
  • Create a sound environment
  • Stream your audio identity

Why interrupt the experience when you go outside? Sonsorielle is available in Indoor and Outdoor versions.

Create something truly exceptional

Sonsorielle can be decorated to resonate with your tastes. Its unique diffusion system offers you a powerful sensory experience specific to each space.

  • Offer a unique customer experience
  • Assert your decorative choices
  • Display your values in style
  • Enhance your brand identity

The founder

Sonsorielle is the fruit of the imagination of Rodolphe Duvaut, musician, music-lover and former export manager for brands of decorative products.

It was during this period that he began to realise that the sound system regularly posed a problem in interior design projects.

Conventional audio systems generally come in a “standard” not especially aesthetic design, which is often a long way from the expectations for projects at a certain level of status or luxury.

So, spurred on by a desire to innovate and achieve excellence – in both sound and visual aesthetics – he and his technical partners began to develop Sonsorielle.

At once a sound diffusion system and a medium for presenting an artwork, Sonsorielle is ready to be the centrepiece of your future projects.

Are you looking for an elegant audio solution for an exceptional place?

Let’s talk about your expectations – we can offer you custom solutions that will blend perfectly into the design of your space.