Sonsorielle’s values and commitments

Excellence and environmental quality


100% French made

From the transducer to the panel to the speaker enclosure, every component in the Sonsorielle system is manufactured and assembled in France.

We want to help to develop and promote local know-how, keep jobs in France and encourage short distribution channels to limit the environmental impact of our business.

Recycled and/or recyclable materials

Most of the raw materials we use are recyclable (wood, aluminium, etc.), and whenever possible recycled.

A good way of preserving natural resources whilst encouraging responsible, renewable consumption!



Inks that are harmless to health and nature

We work with an environmentally certified (Imprim’Vert) printer to print the artworks on the panels.

All the UV inks used are Greenguard Gold certified and comply with standard EN 71-3. They emit neither volatile organic compounds nor heavy metals that are hazardous to health or the environment. The Sonsorielle diffusion system is therefore safe to use in sensitive environments such as hospitals or facilities used by children.

Products designed to serve you for the longest time

No planned obsolescence at Sonsorielle! Our system is manufactured using processes and materials that guarantee quality, solidity and durability.

The system as a whole and its components are covered by a 2-year warranty: in the event of any problems, we will repair or replace any defective parts as quickly as possible.

The panel visual can also be changed; it can easily be reprinted and replaced to match any changes to your decor!



A positive social impact

Our audio systems are partially assembled and packed by workers at a sheltered workshop, an ÉSAT.

This is an establishment where disabled people can work in a sheltered environment where they also receive social, medical and education support.

We are doing what we can at our level to contribute to social and occupational inclusion.

Sustainable packaging

We have designed custom flight cases for the transportation of Sonsorielle audio systems. Not only does this packaging protect your diffusion system and the artwork that accommodates it, but it can also be re-used as many times as necessary, thereby avoiding the wasteful use of single-use plastic and cardboard packaging.


Sonsorielle’s values and ambitions

  • To provide innovative solutions
  • To make the most of beautiful materials
  • To prioritise French manufacturing
  • To offer custom design
  • To offer personalised customer care

Are you looking for an elegant audio solution for an exceptional place?

Let’s talk about your expectations – we can offer you custom solutions that will blend perfectly into the design of your space.